Jeep Wrangler: Red Warning Lights / Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Warning Light

Jeep Wrangler. Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Warning Light This warning light will illuminate to indicate a problem with the ETC system. If a problem is detected while the vehicle is running, the light will either stay on or flash depending on the nature of the problem. Cycle the ignition when the vehicle is safely and completely stopped and the transmission is placed in the PARK (P) position. The light should turn off. If the light remains on with the vehicle running, your vehicle will usually be drivable; however, see an authorized dealer for service as soon as possible.


This light may turn on if the accelerator and brake pedals are pressed at the same time.

If the light continues to flash when the vehicle is running, immediate service is required and you may experience reduced performance, an elevated/rough idle, or engine stall and your vehicle may require towing. The light will come on when the ignition is placed in the ON/RUN or ACC/ON/RUN position and remain on briefly as a bulb check. If the light does not come on during starting, have the system checked by an authorized dealer.

    Electric Power Steering (EPS) Fault Warning Light

    This warning light will turn on when there's a fault with the EPS system. WARNING! Continued operation with reduced assist could pose a safety risk to yourself and others...

    Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

    This warning light warns of an overheated engine condition. If the engine coolant temperature is too high, this indicator will illuminate and a single chime will sound...

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    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: To Manually Turn Off The Stop/Start System

    Push the Stop/Start OFF switch (located on the switch bank). The light on the switch will illuminate. Stop/Start OFF Switch The STOP/START OFF message will appear in the instrument cluster. At the next vehicle stop (after turning off the Stop/Start system), the engine will not be stopped...

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Stopping The Engine

    After full load operation, idle the engine for a few minutes before shutting it down. This idle period will allow the lubricating oil and coolant to carry excess heat away from the turbocharger. NOTE: Refer to the following chart for proper engine shutdown...


    To Unlock From The Driver or Passenger Side

    With a valid Passive Entry key fob within 5 ft (1.5 m) of the door handle, grab the handle to unlock the vehicle. Grabbing the driver’s door handle will unlock the driver door automatically. Grabbing the passenger door handle will unlock all doors and the swing gate automatically.

    Jeep Wrangler. To Unlock From The Driver or Passenger Side

    Grab The Door Handle To Unlock

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