Jeep Wrangler: Red Warning Lights / Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

Jeep Wrangler. Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light This warning light warns of an overheated engine condition. If the engine coolant temperature is too high, this indicator will illuminate and a single chime will sound. If the temperature reaches the upper limit, a continuous chime will sound for four minutes or until the engine is able to cool, whichever comes first.

If the light turns on while driving, safely pull over and stop the vehicle. If the Air Conditioning (A/ C) system is on, turn it off. Also, shift the transmission into NEUTRAL (N) and idle the vehicle. If the temperature reading does not return to normal, turn the engine off immediately and call for service.

    Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) Warning Light

    This warning light will illuminate to indicate a problem with the ETC system. If a problem is detected while the vehicle is running, the light will either stay on or flash depending on the nature of the problem...

    Hood Open Warning Light

    This indicator will illuminate when the hood is ajar/open and not fully closed. NOTE: If the vehicle is moving, there will also be a single chime...

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    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: What Is SiriusXM Guardian™?

    SiriusXM Guardian™ uses an embedded device in the Uconnect system installed in your vehicle, which receives GPS signals and communicates with the SiriusXM Guardian™ Customer Care center via wireless and landline communications networks. Depending on the type of device in your vehicle, some SiriusXM Guardian™ services require an operable LTE (voice/data) or 3G or 4G (data) network compatible with your device...

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light

    This warning light monitors the ABS. The light will turn on when the ignition is placed in the ON/RUN or ACC/ON/ RUN position and may stay on for as long as four seconds. If the ABS light remains on or turns on while driving, then the Anti-Lock portion of the brake system is not functioning and service is required as soon as possible...


    Basic Voice Commands

    The basic Voice Commands below can be given at any point while using your Uconnect system. Push the VR button on the steering wheel. After the beep, say:

    “Cancel” to stop a current voice session. “Help” to hear a list of suggested Voice Commands. “Repeat” to listen to the system prompts again.

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