Jeep Wrangler: Yellow Indicator Lights / Water In Fuel Indicator Light — If Equipped

Jeep Wrangler. Water In Fuel Indicator Light — If Equipped The “Water In Fuel Indicator Light” will illuminate when there is water detected in the fuel filter. If this light remains on, DO NOT start the vehicle before you drain the water from the fuel filter to prevent engine damage, and please see an authorized dealer.


The presence of water in the fuel system circuit may cause severe damage to the injection system and irregular engine operation. If the indicator light is illuminated, contact an authorized dealer as soon as possible to bleed the system. If the above indications come on immediately after refuelling, water has probably been poured into the tank: switch the engine off immediately and contact an authorized dealer.

    Low Diesel Emissions Additive AdBlue® (UREA) Indicator Light — If Equipped

    The Low Diesel Exhaust Emissions Additive AdBlue® (UREA) indicator light illuminates when the AdBlue® (UREA) level is low. Fill the AdBlue® (UREA) tank as soon as possible with at least 1...

    Green Indicator Lights


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