Jeep Wrangler: WARNING LIGHTS AND MESSAGES / Green Indicator Lights

Water In Fuel Indicator Light — If Equipped

The “Water In Fuel Indicator Light” will illuminate when there is water detected in the fuel filter. If this light remains on, DO NOT start the vehicle before you drain the water from the fuel filter to prevent engine damage, and please see an authorized dealer...

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Set With No Target Detected Indicator Light — If Equipped


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Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Body And Underbody Maintenance

Cleaning Headlights Your vehicle is equipped with plastic headlights and fog lights that are lighter and less susceptible to stone breakage than glass headlights. Plastic is not as scratch resistant as glass and therefore different lens cleaning procedures must be followed...

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Power Outlets

There are two 12 Volt (13 Amp) auxiliary power outlets that can provide power for accessories designed for use with the standard power outlet adapters. The front power outlet is located in the center of the instrument panel below the climate controls, and is powered from the ignition switch...


Manual Front Seat Forward/Rearward Adjustment

The seat can be adjusted forward or rearward by using a bar located by the front of the seat cushion, near the floor. While sitting in the seat, lift up on the bar located under the seat cushion and move the seat forward or rearward. Release the bar once you have reached the desired position. Then, using body pressure, move forward and rearward on the seat to be sure that the seat adjusters have latched.

Jeep Wrangler. Manual Front Seat Forward/Rearward Adjustment

Adjustment Bar Location

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