Jeep Wrangler: VEHICLE MAINTENANCE / Manual Transmission — If Equipped

Fluid Level Check

Check the fluid level by removing the fill plug. The fluid level should be between the bottom of the fill hole and a point not more than 3/16 of an inch (4.76 mm) below the bottom of the hole.

Add fluid, if necessary, to maintain the proper level.

Frequency Of Fluid Change

Under normal operating conditions, the fluid installed at the factory will give satisfactory lubrication for the life of the vehicle. If the fluid becomes contaminated with water, it should be changed immediately. Otherwise, change the fluid as recommended in the Maintenance Plan. Refer to the Maintenance Plan for the proper maintenance intervals.

Selection Of Lubricant

Use only the manufacturer recommended manual transmission fluid.

    Transfer Case

    Fluid Level Check The fluid level should be to the bottom edge of the fill hole when the vehicle is in a level position. Transfer Case Fill hole Drain hole Drain And Refill For the proper maintenance intervals...

    Automatic Transmission — If Equipped


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