Jeep Wrangler: Diesel Exhaust Fluid / Diesel Exhaust Fluid Storage

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is considered a very stable product with a long shelf life. If DEF is kept in temperatures between 10° and 90°F (-12° and 32°C), it will last a minimum of one year.

DEF is subject to freezing at the lowest temperatures. For example, DEF may freeze at temperatures at or below 12°F (-11°C). The system has been designed to operate in this environment.


When working with DEF, it is important to know that:

  • Any containers or parts that come into contact with DEF must be DEF compatible (plastic or stainless steel). Copper, brass, aluminum, iron or non-stainless steel should be avoided as they are subject to corrosion by DEF.
  • If DEF is spilled, it should be wiped up completely.

    System Overview

    This vehicle is equipped with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) injection system and a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) catalyst to meet the emission requirements...

    Adding Diesel Exhaust Fluid

    The DEF gauge (located on the instrument cluster display) will display the level of DEF remaining in the tank. NOTE: Driving conditions (altitude, vehicle speed, load, etc...

    Other information:

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    Automatic Headlights — If Equipped, Lights-On Reminder

    Automatic Headlights

    This system automatically turns the headlights on or off according to ambient light levels. To turn the system on, rotate the headlight switch clockwise to the last detent for automatic headlight operation. When the system is on, the headlight time delay feature is also on. This means the headlights will stay on for up to 90 seconds after you place the ignition into the OFF position. To turn the automatic system off, move the headlight switch out of the AUTO position.

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