Jeep Wrangler: FOUR–WHEEL DRIVE OPERATION / Trac-Lok Rear Axle — If Equipped

The Trac-Lok rear axle provides a constant driving force to both rear wheels and reduces wheel spin caused by the loss of traction at one driving wheel. If traction differs between the two rear wheels, the differential automatically proportions the usable torque by providing more torque to the wheel that has traction.

Trac-Lok is especially helpful during slippery driving conditions. With both rear wheels on a slippery surface, a slight application of the accelerator will supply maximum traction.


On vehicles equipped with a limited-slip differential, never run the engine with one rear wheel off the ground. The vehicle may drive through the rear wheel remaining on the ground and cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

    Five-Position Transfer Case — If Equipped

    Four-Wheel Drive Gear Selector The transfer case provides five mode positions: 2H (2WD High) — Two-Wheel Drive High Range 4H AUTO (4WD High AUTO) — Four-Wheel Drive Auto High Range 4H PT (4WD High PT) — Four-Wheel Drive Part Time High Range N (Neutral) 4L (4WD Low) — Four-Wheel Drive Low Range For additional information on the appropriate use of each transfer case mode position, see the information below: 2WD High Two-Wheel Drive High Range — This range is for normal street and highway driving on dry, hard surfaced roads...

    Axle Lock (Tru-Lok) Front And Rear — If Equipped

    The AXLE LOCK switch is located on the instrument panel (to the right of the steering column). Axle Lock Switch Panel This feature will only activate when the following conditions are met: Ignition in RUN position, vehicle in 4WD Low...

    Other information:

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: MAX A/C Button

    Press and release the MAX A/C button on the touchscreen to change the current setting to the coldest output of air. The MAX A/C indicator illuminates when MAX A/C is on. Pressing the button again will cause the MAX A/C operation to exit. NOTE: The MAX A/C button is only available on the touchscreen...

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Loose Fuel Filler Cap Message

    After fuel has been added, the vehicle diagnostic system can determine if the fuel filler cap is possibly loose, improperly installed, or damaged. If the system detects a malfunction, the “gASCAP” message will display in the odometer display...


    Turn Signals. Lane Change Assist — If Equipped

    Turn Signals

    Move the multifunction lever up or down to activate the turn signals. The arrows on each side of the instrument cluster flash to show proper operation.


    If either light remains on and does not flash, or there is a very fast flash rate, check for a defective outside light bulb.

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