Jeep Wrangler: STOP/START SYSTEM — AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION (IF EQUIPPED) / Possible Reasons The Engine Does Not Autostop

Prior to engine shut down, the system will check many safety and comfort conditions to see if they are fulfilled. Detailed information about the operation of the Stop/Start system may be viewed in the instrument cluster display Stop/ Start Screen. Situations when the engine will not stop include (but not limited to):

  • Driver’s seat belt is not buckled.
  • Driver’s door is not closed.
  • Battery temperature is too warm or cold.
  • Battery charge is low.
  • The vehicle is on a steep grade.
  • Cabin heating or cooling is in process and an acceptable cabin temperature has not been achieved.
  • Gear selector in MANUAL (M) mode.
  • HVAC is set to full defrost mode at a high blower speed.
  • HVAC set to MAX A/C.
  • Engine has not reached normal operating temperature.
  • Engine temperature too high.
  • The transmission is not in a forward gear.
  • Hood is open.
  • Transfer case is in 4WD Low or N (Neutral).
  • Brake pedal is not pressed with sufficient pressure.
  • Accelerator pedal input.
  • Vehicle speed threshold not achieved from previous Autostop.
  • Steering angle beyond threshold (ESS Models Only).
  • ACC is on and speed is set.
  • Vehicle is at high altitude.
  • System fault present.

It may be possible for the vehicle to be driven several times without the Stop/Start system going into a STOP/START READY state under more extreme conditions of the items listed above.

    Autostop Mode

    WARNING! Vehicles with the Stop/Start system will be equipped with two batteries. Both the main and the supplemental batteries must be disconnected to completely de-energize the 12 Volt electrical system...

    To Start The Engine While In Autostop Mode

    While in a forward gear, the engine will start when the brake pedal is released or the throttle pedal is pressed. The transmission will automatically re-engage upon engine restart...

    Other information:

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    Manual Front Seat Forward/Rearward Adjustment

    The seat can be adjusted forward or rearward by using a bar located by the front of the seat cushion, near the floor. While sitting in the seat, lift up on the bar located under the seat cushion and move the seat forward or rearward. Release the bar once you have reached the desired position. Then, using body pressure, move forward and rearward on the seat to be sure that the seat adjusters have latched.

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    Adjustment Bar Location

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