Always secure your vehicle by fully applying the parking brake before activating the Manual Park Release. In addition, you should be seated in the driver’s seat with your foot firmly on the brake pedal when activating the Manual Park Release. Activating the Manual Park Release will allow your vehicle to roll away if it is not secured by the parking brake, or by proper connection to a tow vehicle. Activating the Manual Park Release on an unsecured vehicle could lead to serious injury or death for those in or around the vehicle.

In order to push or tow the vehicle in cases where the transmission will not shift out of PARK (P) (such as a depleted battery), a Manual Park Release is available.

Follow these steps to use the Manual Park Release:

  1. Firmly apply the parking brake.
  2. Using a small screwdriver or similar tool, remove the manual park release cover, located above the gear selector, to access the release tether strap.

    Jeep Wrangler. MANUAL PARK RELEASE

    Manual Park Release Cover

  3. Fish the tether strap up through the opening in the console base.

    Jeep Wrangler. MANUAL PARK RELEASE

    Tether Strap

  4. Press and maintain firm pressure on the brake pedal.
  5. Pull the tether strap up and to the left until the release lever locks into place in the vertical position. The vehicle is now out of PARK (P) and can be moved. Release the parking brake only when the vehicle is securely connected to a tow vehicle.

To Reset The Manual Park Release:

  1. Pull upward on the tether strap, releasing it from the “locked” position.
  2. Lower the Manual Park Release lever downward and to the right, into its original position.
  3. Tuck the tether strap into the base of the console, and reinstall the cover.


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