1. Push the SOS Call button on the overhead console.


    In case the SOS Call button is pushed in error, there will be a 10 second delay before the SOS Call system initiates a call to an SOS operator.

    To cancel the SOS Call connection, push the SOS call button on the overhead console or press the cancellation button on the Device Screen. Termination of the SOS Call will turn off the green LED light on the overhead console.

  2. The LED light located within the ASSIST and SOS buttons on the overhead console will turn green once a connection to an SOS operator has been made.
  3. Once a connection between the vehicle and an SOS operator is made, the SOS Call system may transmit the following important vehicle information to an SOS operator:
    • Indication that the occupant placed an SOS Call
    • The vehicle brand
    • The last known GPS coordinates of the vehicle
  4. You should be able to speak with the SOS operator through the vehicle audio system to determine if additional help is needed.


    ALWAYS obey traffic laws and pay attention to the road. ALWAYS drive safely with your hands on the steering wheel. You have full responsibility and assume all risks related to the use of the features and applications in this vehicle. Only use the features and applications when it is safe to do so. Failure to do so may result in an accident involving serious injury or death.


    • Your vehicle may be transmitting data as authorized by the subscriber.
    • Once a connection is made between the vehicle’s SOS Call system and the SOS operator, the SOS operator may be able to open a voice connection with the vehicle to determine if additional help is needed. Once the SOS operator opens a voice connection with the vehicle’s SOS Call system, the operator should be able to speak with you or other vehicle occupants and hear sounds occurring in the vehicle. The vehicle’s SOS Call system will attempt to remain connected with the SOS operator until the SOS operator terminates the connection.
  5. The SOS operator may attempt to contact appropriate emergency responders and provide them with important vehicle information and GPS coordinates.


  • If anyone in the vehicle could be in danger (e.g., fire or smoke is visible, dangerous road conditions or location), do not wait for voice contact from an Emergency Services Agent. All occupants should exit the vehicle immediately and move to a safe location.
  • Never place anything on or near the vehicle’s operable network and GPS antennas. You could prevent operable network and GPS signal reception, which can prevent your vehicle from placing an emergency call. An operable network and GPS signal reception is required for the SOS Call system to function properly.
  • The SOS Call system is embedded into the vehicle’s electrical system. Do not add aftermarket electrical equipment to the vehicle’s electrical system. This may prevent your vehicle from sending a signal to initiate an emergency call. To avoid interference that can cause the SOS Call system to fail, never add aftermarket equipment (e.g., two-way mobile radio, CB radio, data recorder, etc.) to your vehicle’s electrical system or modify the antennas on your vehicle. IF YOUR VEHICLE LOSES BATTERY POWER FOR ANY REASON (INCLUDING DURING OR AFTER AN ACCIDENT), THE UCONNECT FEATURES, APPS AND SERVICES, AMONG OTHERS, WILL NOT OPERATE.
  • Modifications to any part of the SOS Call system could cause the air bag system to fail when you need it. You could be injured if the air bag system is not there to help protect you.

    ASSIST Call

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    SOS Call System Limitations

    Vehicles sold in Mexico DO NOT have SOS Call system capabilities. SOS or other emergency line operators in Mexico may not answer or respond to SOS system calls...

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