Jeep Wrangler: Using SiriusXM Guardian™ / SiriusXM Guardian™ In-Vehicle Assistance Features

With SiriusXM Guardian™, your vehicle has onboard assistance features located on the rearview mirror or overhead console designed to enhance your driving experience if you should ever need assistance or support.

How It Works

Simply press the ASSIST button in the vehicle and you will be presented with your ASSIST options on the touchscreen. Make your selection by pressing the touchscreen.


  • This feature is available only on vehicles sold in the US and Canada.
  • Vehicle must be properly equipped with the SiriusXM Guardian™ system.
  • Vehicle must have an operable LTE (voice/ data) or 3G or 4G (data) network connection.
  • Vehicle must be registered with SiriusXM Guardian™ and have an active subscription that includes the applicable feature.
  • Vehicle must be powered in the ON/RUN or ACC (Accessory) position with a properly functioning electrical system.


If Roadside Assistance Call is provided to your vehicle, you agree to be responsible for any additional roadside assistance service costs that you may incur. In order to provide SiriusXM Guardian™ services to you, we may record and monitor your conversations with Roadside Assistance Call, Vehicle Care, Uconnect Care, or SiriusXM Guardian™ Customer Care, whether such conversations are initiated through the SiriusXM Guardian™ services in your vehicle, or via a landline or mobile device, and may share information obtained through such recording and monitoring in accordance with regulatory requirements. You acknowledge, agree and consent to any recording, monitoring or sharing of information obtained through any such call recordings.

    Roadside Assistance Call

    Description Vehicles equipped with the SiriusXM Guardian™ system feature will contain an ASSIST button in the vehicle. Once your SiriusXM Guardian™ services have been activated, the ASSIST button can connect you directly to customer care call centers...

    Send & Go

    Description The Send & Go feature of the Uconnect App allows you to search for a destination on your mobile device, and then send the route to your vehicle’s navigation system...

    Other information:


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