Observe the instrument cluster lights when starting the engine.


Normal starting of either a cold or a warm engine is obtained without pumping or pressing the accelerator pedal.

  1. Always apply the parking brake.
  2. Press and hold the brake pedal while pushing the ENGINE START/STOP button once.


    A delay of the start of up to five seconds is possible under very cold conditions. The "Wait to Start" telltale will be illuminated during the pre-heat process. When the engine “Wait To Start” telltale goes off the engine will automatically crank.


    If the “Water in Fuel Indicator Light” remains on, DO NOT START the engine before you drain the water from the fuel filters to avoid engine damage.

  3. The system will automatically engage the starter to crank the engine. If the vehicle fails to start, the starter will disengage automatically after 25 seconds.
  4. If you wish to stop the cranking of the engine prior to the engine starting, push the ENGINE START/STOP button again.
  5. Check that the Oil Pressure Warning Light has turned off.
  6. Release the parking brake.

    Extreme Cold Weather

    The engine block heater is a resistance heater installed in the water jacket of the engine. It requires a 110–115 Volt AC electrical outlet with a grounded, three-wire extension cord...

    Starting Fluids

    The engine is equipped with a glow plug preheating system. If the instructions in this manual are followed, the engine should start in all conditions and no type of starting fluid should be used...

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