Raising The Windshield

Release the strap that secured the windshield in the lowered position. Raise the windshield. Using the provided #40 Torx head driver, reinstall the four Torx screws located along the interior of the windshield...

Opening The Hood

If applicable, refer to the “Hybrid Supplement” for additional information. Release both the hood latches. Hood Latch Locations Raise the hood and locate the safety latch, located in the middle of the hood opening...

Other information:

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: ESC Operating Modes

Depending upon model and mode of operation, the ESC system may have multiple operating modes. ESC On “ESC On” is the normal operating mode for the ESC. Whenever the vehicle is started, the ESC system will be in this mode. This mode should be used for most driving conditions...

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Plastic And Coated Parts

Use Mopar® Total Clean to clean vinyl upholstery. CAUTION! Direct contact of air fresheners, insect repellents, suntan lotions, or hand sanitizers to the plastic, painted, or decorated surfaces of the interior may cause permanent damage. Wipe away immediately...


Automatic Headlights — If Equipped, Lights-On Reminder

Automatic Headlights

This system automatically turns the headlights on or off according to ambient light levels. To turn the system on, rotate the headlight switch clockwise to the last detent for automatic headlight operation. When the system is on, the headlight time delay feature is also on. This means the headlights will stay on for up to 90 seconds after you place the ignition into the OFF position. To turn the automatic system off, move the headlight switch out of the AUTO position.

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