Jeep Wrangler: Electronic Stability Control (ESC) / Hill Start Assist (HSA)

The HSA system is designed to mitigate roll back from a complete stop while on an incline. If the driver releases the brake while stopped on an incline, HSA will continue to hold the brake pressure for a short period. If the driver does not apply the throttle before this time expires, the system will release brake pressure and the vehicle will roll down the hill as normal.

The following conditions must be met in order for HSA to activate:

  • The feature must be enabled.
  • The vehicle must be stopped.
  • The parking brake must be off.
  • The driver door must be closed. (If the doors are attached, then the door must be closed. If the doors are detached then the driver's seat belt must be buckled.)
  • The vehicle must be on a sufficient grade.
  • The gear selection must match vehicle uphill direction (i.e., vehicle facing uphill is in forward gear; vehicle backing uphill is in REVERSE gear).
  • HSA will work in REVERSE gear and all forward gears. The system will not activate if the transmission is in PARK or NEUTRAL. For vehicles equipped with a manual transmission, if the clutch is pressed, HSA will remain active.


There may be situations where the Hill Start Assist (HSA) will not activate and slight rolling may occur, such as on minor hills or with a loaded vehicle, or while pulling a trailer. HSA is not a substitute for active driving involvement. It is always the driver’s responsibility to be attentive to distance to other vehicles, people, and objects, and most importantly brake operation to ensure safe operation of the vehicle under all road conditions. Your complete attention is always required while driving to maintain safe control of your vehicle. Failure to follow these warnings can result in a collision or serious personal injury.

Disabling And Enabling HSA

This feature can be turned on or turned off.

Towing With HSA

HSA will also provide assistance to mitigate roll back while towing a trailer.


  • If you use a trailer brake controller with your trailer, the trailer brakes may be activated and deactivated with the brake switch. If so, there may not be enough brake pressure to hold both the vehicle and the trailer on a hill when the brake pedal is released. In order to avoid rolling down an incline while resuming acceleration, manually activate the trailer brake or apply more vehicle brake pressure prior to releasing the brake pedal.
  • HSA is not a parking brake. Always apply the parking brake fully when exiting your vehicle. Also, be certain to place the transmission in PARK (P).
  • Failure to follow these warnings can result in a collision or serious personal injury.

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