The Media Hub is located on the instrument panel, below the climate controls. Behind the media hub access door, the Media Hub contains one AUX port, a Type C USB port and one standard USB port. Both USB ports allow you to play music from MP3 players / smartphones or USB devices through the vehicle’s sound system.

Plugging in a smartphone device to a USB port may activate Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay® features, if equipped. For further information, refer to Android Auto™ or Apple Carplay® or in the Owner's Manual Supplement.

The Smart Charging USB ports provide power to your device up to an hour after the vehicle is turned off.


  • Two devices can be plugged in at the same time and both ports will provide charging capabilities. Only one port can transfer data to the system at a time. A pop-up will appear and allow you to select the device transferring data.
  • Both ports share a single data connection. The user cannot switch between Type A or Type C.

For example, if a device is plugged into the Type A USB port and another device is plugged into the Type C USB port, a message will appear and allow you to select which device to use.

Jeep Wrangler. USB/AUX Control

Media Hub

  1. AUX Port
  2. Type C USB Port
  3. Type A USB Port

Located inside the center console, a second USB port allows you to play music from USB devices through your vehicle’s sound system.

Third and fourth USB ports (if equipped) are located behind the center console, above the power inverter. Both ports are charge only.

Jeep Wrangler. USB/AUX Control

USB On The Back Of The Center Console

  1. Type C And Standard Charge Only USB Ports
  2. Type C And Standard Charge Only USB Ports

When a new device or smartphone is plugged into the USB ports, the following message may display depending on the device being utilized:

  • “A new device is now connected. Previous connection was lost”.
  • “(Phone Name) now connected. Previous connection was lost”.
  • “Another device is in use through the same USB port. Please disconnect the first device to use the second device”.


Do not plug in or remove the external device while driving. Failure to follow this warning could result in a collision.

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