Jeep Wrangler: Electronic Stability Control (ESC) / Trailer Sway Control (TSC)

TSC uses sensors in the vehicle to recognize an excessively swaying trailer and will take the appropriate actions to attempt to stop the sway.


TSC cannot stop all trailers from swaying. Always use caution when towing a trailer and follow the trailer tongue weight recommendations.

When TSC is functioning, the ESC Activation/ Malfunction Indicator Light will flash, the engine power may be reduced and you may feel the brakes being applied to individual wheels to attempt to stop the trailer from swaying. TSC is disabled when the ESC system is in the “Partial Off” or “Full Off” modes.


If TSC activates while driving, slow the vehicle down, stop at the nearest safe location, and adjust the trailer load to eliminate trailer sway.

    Traction Control System (TCS)

    TCS monitors the amount of wheel spin of each of the driven wheels. If wheel spin is detected, the TCS may apply brake pressure to the spinning wheel(s) and/or reduce engine power to provide enhanced acceleration and stability...



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    Erasing All The HomeLink® Channels

    To erase the channels, follow this procedure:

    Place the ignition switch into the ON/RUN position. Push and hold the two outside HomeLink® buttons (I and III) for up to 20 seconds, or until the HomeLink® indicator light flashes.


    Erasing all channels should only be performed when programming HomeLink® for the first time. Do not erase channels when programming additional buttons.

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