Jeep Wrangler: Windshield Wiper Operation / Mist

Push upward on the wiper lever to activate a single wipe to clear off-road mist or spray from a passing vehicle. As long as the lever is held up, the wipers will continue to operate.


The mist feature does not activate the washer pump; therefore, no washer fluid will be sprayed on the windshield. The wash function must be used in order to spray the windshield with washer fluid.

    Windshield Washers

    To use the washer, pull the lever toward you and hold while spray is desired. If the lever is pulled while in the delay range, the wiper will start and continue to operate for two or three wipe cycles after the lever is released...

    Rear Window Wiper/Washer — If Equipped

    A rotary switch on the center portion of the windshield wiper/washer lever controls the operation of the rear wiper/washer function. Rear Wiper/Washer Control Rotate the switch upward to the first detent position for intermittent operation and to the second detent for continuous rear wiper operation...

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    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Periodic Safety Checks You Should Make Outside The Vehicle

    Tires Examine tires for excessive tread wear and uneven wear patterns. Check for stones, nails, glass, or other objects lodged in the tread or sidewall. Inspect the tread for cuts and cracks. Inspect sidewalls for cuts, cracks, and bulges. Check the lug nut/bolt torque for tightness...


    ENHANCED ACCIDENT RESPONSE SYSTEM (EARS) This vehicle is equipped with an Enhanced Accident Response System. This feature is a communication network that takes effect in the event of an impact. EVENT DATA RECORDER (EDR) This vehicle is equipped with an event data recorder (EDR)...


    Manual Seat Height Adjustment

    The driver's seat height can be raised or lowered by using the ratcheting handle, located on the outboard side of the seat. Pull upward on the handle to raise the seat, push downward on the handle to lower the seat. Several strokes may be necessary to achieve the desired position.

    Jeep Wrangler. Manual Seat Height Adjustment

    Seat Height Adjustment

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