Jeep Wrangler: UCONNECT VOICE RECOGNITION / Introducing Voice Recognition

Start using Uconnect Voice Recognition with these helpful quick tips. It provides the key Voice Commands and tips you need to know to control your vehicle’s Voice Recognition (VR) system.

Jeep Wrangler. Introducing Voice Recognition

Uconnect 3 With 5-inch Display

Jeep Wrangler. Introducing Voice Recognition

Uconnect 4 With 7-inch Display

Jeep Wrangler. Introducing Voice Recognition

Uconnect 4C/4C NAV With 8.4-inch Display



    Basic Voice Commands

    The basic Voice Commands below can be given at any point while using your Uconnect system. Push the VR button on the steering wheel. After the beep, say: “Cancel” to stop a current voice session...

    Other information:

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Remote Horn & Lights

    Description It is easy to locate a vehicle in a dark, crowded or noisy parking area by activating the horn and lights. It may also help if you need to draw attention to your vehicle for any reason. If you want, you can set up push notifications every time a command is sent to turn on the horn and lights...

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Phone Mode

    Overview Uconnect Phone is a voice-activated, hands-free, in-vehicle communications system. It allows you to dial a phone number with your mobile phone. The feature supports the following: Voice Activated Features Hands-Free dialing via Voice (“Call John Smith Mobile” or “Dial 248-555-1212”)...


    Turn Signals. Lane Change Assist — If Equipped

    Turn Signals

    Move the multifunction lever up or down to activate the turn signals. The arrows on each side of the instrument cluster flash to show proper operation.


    If either light remains on and does not flash, or there is a very fast flash rate, check for a defective outside light bulb.

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