Rear Head Restraints — Four Door Models

The rear seat is equipped with nonadjustable, but foldable, outboard head restraints, as well as an adjustable, removable center head restraint. To fold the outboard head restraint, pull on the inner release lever, located on the upper part of the rear seat...

Introducing Voice Recognition

Start using Uconnect Voice Recognition with these helpful quick tips. It provides the key Voice Commands and tips you need to know to control your vehicle’s Voice Recognition (VR) system...

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Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Full Size Spare — If Equipped

The full size spare is for temporary emergency use only. This tire may look like the originally equipped tire on the front or rear axle of your vehicle, but it is not. This spare tire may have limited tread life. When the tread is worn to the tread wear indicators, the temporary use full size spare tire needs to be replaced...

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Washing

Wash your vehicle regularly. Always wash your vehicle in the shade using Mopar® Car Wash, or a mild car wash soap, and rinse the panels completely with water. If insects, tar, or other similar deposits have accumulated on your vehicle, use Mopar® Super Kleen Bug and Tar Remover to remove...


Erasing All The HomeLink® Channels

To erase the channels, follow this procedure:

Place the ignition switch into the ON/RUN position. Push and hold the two outside HomeLink® buttons (I and III) for up to 20 seconds, or until the HomeLink® indicator light flashes.


Erasing all channels should only be performed when programming HomeLink® for the first time. Do not erase channels when programming additional buttons.

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