Jeep Wrangler: Cooling System / Disposal Of Used Coolant

Used ethylene glycol-based coolant (antifreeze) OAT or HOAT, is a regulated substance requiring proper disposal. Check with your local authorities to determine the disposal rules for your community. To prevent ingestion by animals or children, do not store ethylene glycol-based coolant in open containers or allow it to remain in puddles on the ground, clean up any ground spills immediately. If ingested, seek emergency assistance immediately.

    Cooling System Pressure Cap

    The cap must be fully tightened to prevent loss of engine coolant (antifreeze), and to ensure that engine coolant will return to the radiator from the coolant expansion bottle/recovery tank if so equipped...

    Coolant Level

    The coolant bottle provides a quick visual method for determining that the coolant level is adequate. With the engine OFF and cold, the level of the engine coolant (antifreeze) in the bottle should be between the ranges indicated on the bottle...

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