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The transfer case must be shifted into (N) Neutral, automatic transmission must be in PARK, and manual transmission must be in gear (NOT in NEUTRAL) for recreational towing.


  • DO NOT dolly tow any 4WD vehicle. Towing with only one set of wheels on the ground (front or rear) will cause severe transmission and/or transfer case damage. Tow with all four wheels either ON the ground, or OFF the ground (using a vehicle trailer).
  • Tow only in the forward direction. Towing this vehicle backwards can cause severe damage to the transfer case.
  • Automatic transmissions must be placed in PARK for recreational towing.
  • Manual transmissions must be placed in gear (not in NEUTRAL) for recreational towing.
  • Before recreational towing, perform the procedure outlined under “Shifting Into (N) Neutral” to be certain that the transfer case is fully in (N) Neutral. Otherwise, internal damage will result.
  • Towing this vehicle in violation of the above requirements can cause severe transmission and/or transfer case damage. Damage from improper towing is not covered under the New Vehicle Limited Warranty.
  • Do not use a fascia/bumper-mounted clamp-on tow bar on your vehicle. The bumper face bar will be damaged.

Towing This Vehicle Behind Another Vehicle


Shifting Into (N) Neutral

Use the following procedure to prepare your vehicle for recreational towing: WARNING! You or others could be injured or killed if you leave the vehicle unattended with the transfer case in the (N) Neutral position without first fully engaging the parking brake...

Other information:

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Towing Tips

Before setting out on a trip, practice turning, stopping and backing the trailer in an area away from heavy traffic. If using a manual transmission vehicle for trailer towing, all starts must be in FIRST gear to avoid excessive clutch slippage. Automatic Transmission — If Equipped Select the DRIVE range when towing...

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Power Outlets

There are two 12 Volt (13 Amp) auxiliary power outlets that can provide power for accessories designed for use with the standard power outlet adapters. The front power outlet is located in the center of the instrument panel below the climate controls, and is powered from the ignition switch...


Turn Signals. Lane Change Assist — If Equipped

Turn Signals

Move the multifunction lever up or down to activate the turn signals. The arrows on each side of the instrument cluster flash to show proper operation.


If either light remains on and does not flash, or there is a very fast flash rate, check for a defective outside light bulb.

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