Jeep Wrangler: Power Sliding Top — If Equipped / Opening And Closing The Power Top

Express Open/Close

Push the open switch and release it within one-half second and the power top will open automatically from any position. The power top will open fully and stop automatically.

Push the close switch and release it within one-half second and the sunroof will close automatically from any position. The power top will close fully and stop automatically.

During Express Open or Express Close operation, any other movement of the power top switch will stop the sunroof.

Manual Open/Close

To open the power top manually, push and hold the open switch to the full open position, then release.

To close the power top manually, push and hold the close switch to the fully closed position, then release.

Any release of the switch during open or close operation will stop the power top movement. The top will remain in a partially opened position until the switch is operated and held again.

Pinch Protect Feature

This feature will detect an obstruction in the opening of the power top during Express Close operation. If an obstruction in the path of the power top is detected, the power top will automatically retract. Remove the obstruction if this occurs. Next, push the close switch and release to Express Close.


There is no anti-pinch protection when the power top is almost closed. To avoid personal injury be sure to clear your arms, hands, fingers and all objects from the top’s path before closing.


The Power Sliding Top may reverse motion if closing during a severe headwind. If this occurs, push and hold the Power Sliding Top switch again to close the top completely.

If three consecutive power top close attempts result in Pinch Protect reversals, Pinch Protect will disable and the power top must be closed in Manual Mode.

Power Top Maintenance

Use only a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the quarter window glass panel. For important information on cleaning and caring for your vehicle.

Ignition Off Operation

The power top switch can remain active in Accessory Delay for up to approximately 10 minutes after the vehicle’s ignition is placed to the OFF position. Opening either front door will cancel this feature.


Ignition Off time is programmable through the Uconnect system.

Relearn Procedure

For vehicles equipped with a power top, there is a relearn procedure that allows you to calibrate the power top when the “Express Mode” stops working. To reset the power top, follow these steps:

  1. Place the ignition in the RUN position, and start the vehicle.


    The engine must be running to perform the relearn procedure.

  2. Ensure the power top is in the fully closed position.
  3. Push and hold the Close switch for 10 seconds. This will put the power top into calibration mode.
  4. Continue holding down the close button while the top goes fully open and then back to fully close.
  5. Once the power top has stopped in the fully closed position, release the close button. The power top is now reset and ready to use.


If the close button is released anytime during the relearning process, the relearn may not be complete, and the procedure must be repeated.

    Power Sliding Top — If Equipped

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    Rear Quarter Window Removal

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    Automatic Headlights — If Equipped, Lights-On Reminder

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