Jeep Wrangler: FOUR–WHEEL DRIVE OPERATION / Off Road+ — If Equipped

Jeep Wrangler. Off Road+ — If Equipped

Off Road+ Switch

When activated, Off Road+ is designed to improve the user experience when using specific Off Road driving modes. To activate Off Road+, push the Off Road+ switch in the switch bank. The vehicle’s performance will improve depending on which Four-Wheel Drive (4WD) mode is activated.


Off Road+ will not function in 2WD High mode. If the button is pushed while in 2WD High mode, the cluster display will show the message “Off Road+ Unavailable Shift to 4WD”.

When Off Road+ is active, the following features will activate:

  • The Off Road+ telltale will illuminate in the instrument cluster display
  • A mode specific message will display the instrument cluster display
  • Off Road pages will launch on the radio head-unit if selected in radio settings
  • The Off Road Camera will launch if selected in radio settings

Once in Off Road+, the vehicle will begin to behave in different ways depending on the 4WD mode in use. The following enhancements will occur when using Off Road+.

4L (4WD Low)

  • Engine/Transmission Calibration: Rock Crawl and controllability focus, change in shifting schedule when rock crawling, pedal calibration shifted to de-gain and low range, operates at lower vehicle speeds
  • Traction Control: Aggressive brake lock differential tuning at slower speed or FIRST gear
  • Off Road+: Recall the last status between ignition cycles

4H (4WD High)

  • Engine/Transmission Calibration: Improved sand performance/ wheel slip focus, change in shift schedule for sport mode, pedal calibration set to aggressive, operates at elevated vehicle speeds
  • Traction Control: High wheel speed, slip tuning brake lock differential with no engine management
  • Electronic Stability Control: ESC Off with unlimited speed
  • Off Road+: Will default to OFF between ignition cycles

Cruise Control and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) will not function while using Off Road+. A dedicated cluster message will display indicating this if either feature is activated while in Off Road+.

If the ESC OFF button is pushed while in Off Road+, the following will occur on the vehicle:

  • Push of the ESC OFF Button: Traction Control will turn off, but Stability Control will remain active.
  • Hold the ESC OFF Button for five seconds: Traction Control and Stability Control will turn off.

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