Your vehicle is equipped with an electro-hydraulic power steering system that will give you good vehicle response and increased ease of maneuverability in tight spaces. The system will vary its assist to provide light efforts while parking and good feel while driving. If the electro-hydraulic power steering system experiences a fault that prevents it from providing power steering assist, then the system will provide mechanical steering capability.


Extreme steering maneuvers may cause the electrically driven pump to reduce or stop power steering assistance in order to prevent damage to the system. Normal operation will resume once the system is allowed to cool.

If the “SERVICE POWER STEERING” message and a flashing icon are displayed on the instrument cluster screen, it indicates that the vehicle needs to be taken to the dealer for service. It is likely the vehicle has lost power steering assistance.

If the “POWER STEERING HOT” message and an icon are displayed on the instrument cluster screen, it indicates that extreme steering maneuvers may have occurred, which caused an over temperature condition in the power steering system. You will lose power steering assistance momentarily until the over temperature condition no longer exists. Once driving conditions are safe, then pull over and let vehicle idle for a few moments until the light turns off.


  • Even if power steering assistance is no longer operational, it is still possible to steer the vehicle. Under these conditions there will be a substantial increase in steering effort, especially at very low vehicle speeds and during parking maneuvers.
  • If the condition persists, see an authorized dealer for service.

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