Jeep Wrangler: Programming HomeLink® To A Garage Door Opener / Non-Rolling Code Garage Door Opener Final Steps

  1. Push and hold the programmed HomeLink® button and observe the HomeLink® indicator light. If the HomeLink® indicator light stays on constantly, programming is complete.
  2. Push the programmed HomeLink® button to confirm that the garage door opener motor operates. If the garage door opener motor does not operate, repeat the steps from the beginning.


  • Your motorized door or gate will open and close while you are programming the universal transceiver. Do not program the transceiver if people or pets are in the path of the door or gate.
  • Do not run your vehicle in a closed garage or confined area while programming the transceiver. Exhaust gas from your vehicle contains Carbon Monoxide (CO) which is odorless and colorless. Carbon Monoxide is poisonous when inhaled and can cause you and others to be severely injured or killed.

    Rolling Code Garage Door Opener Final Steps

    NOTE: You have 30 seconds in which to initiate rolling code final step 2, after completing rolling code final step 1. At the garage door opener motor (in the garage), locate the “LEARN” or “TRAIN” button...

    Programming HomeLink® To A Miscellaneous Device

    The procedure on how to program HomeLink® to a miscellaneous device follows the same procedure as programming to a garage door opener. Be sure to determine if the device has a rolling code, or non-rolling code before beginning the programming process...

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