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Jeep Wrangler: Child Restraints / How To Stow An Unused Switchable-ALR (ALR) Seat Belt:

When using the LATCH attaching system to install a child restraint, stow all ALR seat belts that are not being used by other occupants or being used to secure child restraints. An unused belt could injure a child if they play with it and accidentally lock the seat belt retractor. Before installing a child restraint using the LATCH system, buckle the seat belt behind the child restraint and out of the child’s reach. If the buckled seat belt interferes with the child restraint installation, instead of buckling it behind the child restraint, route the seat belt through the child restraint belt path and then buckle it. Do not lock the seat belt. Remind all children in the vehicle that the seat belts are not toys and that they should not play with them.


  • Improper installation of a child restraint to the LATCH anchorages can lead to failure of the restraint. The child could be badly injured or killed. Follow the child restraint manufacturer’s directions exactly when installing an infant or child restraint.
  • Child restraint anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly-fitted child restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adult seat belts, harnesses, or for attaching other items or equipment to the vehicle.

    To Install A LATCH-Compatible Child Restraint

    If the selected seating position has a Switchable Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) seat belt, stow the seat belt, following the instructions below...

    Installing Child Restraints Using The Vehicle Seat Belt

    Child restraint systems are designed to be secured in vehicle seats by lap belts or the lap belt portion of a lap/shoulder belt. WARNING! Improper installation or failure to properly secure a child restraint can lead to failure of the restraint...

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    Manual Front Seat Forward/Rearward Adjustment

    The seat can be adjusted forward or rearward by using a bar located by the front of the seat cushion, near the floor. While sitting in the seat, lift up on the bar located under the seat cushion and move the seat forward or rearward. Release the bar once you have reached the desired position. Then, using body pressure, move forward and rearward on the seat to be sure that the seat adjusters have latched.

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    Adjustment Bar Location

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