LED Front Fog Lamp

If your vehicle is equipped with LED fog lamps they are replaced as an assembly. Rear Tail, Stop, Turn Signal, And Backup Lamp See below steps to replace: Remove interior trim panel cap to access single retaining screw for tail lamp assembly...

Tire Safety Information

Tire safety information will cover aspects of the following information: Tire Markings, Tire Identification Numbers, Tire Terminology and Definitions, Tire Pressures, and Tire Loading...

Other information:

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Rear Seat Armrest — If Equipped

The center part of the rear seat can also be used as a rear armrest with cupholders. To unfold it, grab the pull strap under the head restraint and pull it forward. Rear Seat Armrest NOTE: The cupholder liner can be removed for cleaning. WARNING! Be certain that the seatback is securely locked into position...

Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Turn Signal Indicator Lights

When the left or right turn signal is activated, the turn signal indicator will flash independently and the corresponding exterior turn signal lamps will flash. Turn signals can be activated when the multifunction lever is moved down (left) or up (right)...


Manual Seat Height Adjustment

The driver's seat height can be raised or lowered by using the ratcheting handle, located on the outboard side of the seat. Pull upward on the handle to raise the seat, push downward on the handle to lower the seat. Several strokes may be necessary to achieve the desired position.

Jeep Wrangler. Manual Seat Height Adjustment

Seat Height Adjustment

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