Jeep Wrangler: Getting Started With Connected Vehicle Services / Download The Uconnect App

Once you have activated your services, you’re only a few steps away from using connected services.

Jeep Wrangler. Download The Uconnect App

Uconnect Mobile App

  1. Settings
  2. Vehicle Info
  3. Location And Send & Go
  4. Remote Commands
  • Download the Uconnect app to your mobile device.
  • Use your Owner Account login and password to open the app and then set up a PIN.

Jeep Wrangler. Download The Uconnect App

  • For customers in the United States, visit, and click the Sign In/ Register button in the upper right-hand corner to register your account online.

    a. Click the Register button

    b. Select the correct country and email address then click “Register”.

    c. You will then receive an email notification to confirm/verify your newly created account.

    d. After clicking the email link, it will take you to a website and prompt you to assign your account with a password.

    e. Once you have added a password, the website will direct you to your homepage where you can add in your vehicle’s VIN.

  • For customers in Canada, register your account via your vehicle.

    a. Press the Apps button in the bottom menu bar.

    b. Press the Activate Services button from the apps list.

    c. Enter your email and press “OK”. A confirmation email will be sent to the provided email address.

    d. Press “Continue Activation” from the confirmation email. It may take a short time before remote services will be available, but you will be able to log into the Uconnect App and the owner’s site.

  • Once on the Remote screen and you have set up your four-digit PIN, you can begin using Remote Door Lock/Unlock, Remote Vehicle Start, and activate your horn and lights remotely, if equipped.
  • Press the Location button on the bottom menu bar of the app to bring up a map to locate your vehicle or send a location to your Uconnect Navigation, if equipped.
  • Press the Settings side menu in the upper left corner of the app to bring up app settings and access the Assist Call Centers.

    Getting Started With Connected Vehicle Services


    Using Your Owner’s Site

    Your Owner’s Site website (US Residents), or (Canadian Residents) provides you with all the information you need, all in one place...

    Other information:

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Checking Oil Level

    To ensure proper engine lubrication, the engine oil must be maintained at the correct level. Check the oil level at regular intervals, such as every fuel stop. The best time to check the engine oil level is about five minutes after a fully warmed up engine is shut off...

    Jeep Wrangler 2018-2024 Owners Manual: Windshield Wiper Blades

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    Erasing All The HomeLink® Channels

    To erase the channels, follow this procedure:

    Place the ignition switch into the ON/RUN position. Push and hold the two outside HomeLink® buttons (I and III) for up to 20 seconds, or until the HomeLink® indicator light flashes.


    Erasing all channels should only be performed when programming HomeLink® for the first time. Do not erase channels when programming additional buttons.

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