Jeep Wrangler: Preserving The Bodywork / Appearance Care For Fabric Top Models

  • To maintain the appearance of your vehicle's interior trim and top, follow these precautions:
  • Do not run a fabric top through an automatic car wash. Window scratches and wax build-up may result.
  • Avoid leaving your vehicle unattended with the top down, as exposure to sun or rain may damage interior trim.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners or bleaching agents on top material, as damage may result.
  • Do not allow any vinyl cleaner to run down and dry on the paint, leaving a streak.
  • After cleaning your vehicle's fabric top, always make sure it is completely dry before lowering.
  • Be especially careful when washing the windows by following the directions for “Care of Fabric Top Windows.”

Washing – Use Mopar® Car Wash or equivalent, or mild soap suds, lukewarm water, and a brush with soft bristles. If extra cleaning is required, use Mopar® Convertible Cloth Top Cleaner or equivalent, or a mild foaming cleaner on the entire top, but support the top from underneath.

Rinsing – Be sure to remove all traces of cleaner by rinsing the top thoroughly with clean water. Remember to allow the top to dry before lowering it.


Failure to follow these cautions may cause interior water damage, stains, or mildew of the top material:

  • Do not run a fabric top through an automatic car wash. Window scratches and wax build-up may result.
  • It is recommended that the top be free of water prior to opening it. Operating the top, opening a door or lowering a window while the top is wet may allow water to drip into the vehicle’s interior.
  • Use care when washing the vehicle, water pressure directed at the weather strip seals may cause water to leak into the vehicle’s interior.
  • Careless handling and storage of the removable roof panels may damage the seals, causing water to leak into the vehicle’s interior.
  • The front panel(s) must be positioned properly to ensure sealing. Improper installation can cause water to leak into the vehicle’s interior.


  • Avoid washing with rollers and/or brushes in washing stations. Wash the vehicle only by hand using neutral pH detergents; dry it with a wet chamois leather. Abrasive products and/or polishes should not be used for cleaning the car. Bird droppings must be washed off immediately and thoroughly as the acid they contain is particularly aggressive.
  • Avoid (if at all possible) parking the vehicle under trees; remove vegetable resins immediately as, when dried, it may only be possible to remove them with abrasive products and/or polishes, which is highly inadvisable as they could alter the typical opaqueness of the paint.
  • Do not use pure windshield washer fluid for cleaning the front windshield and rear window; dilute it min. 50% with water. Only use pure windshield washer fluid when strictly necessary due to outside temperature conditions.

    Special Care

    If you drive on salted or dusty roads or if you drive near the ocean, hose off the undercarriage at least once a month. It is important that the drain holes in the lower edges of the doors, rocker panels, and trunk be kept clear and open...

    Care Of Fabric Top Windows

    Your vehicle's fabric top has pliable plastic windows which can be scratched unless special care is taken by following these directions: Never use a dry cloth to remove dust...

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