Jeep Wrangler: Android Auto™ And Apple CarPlay® Tips And Tricks / Android Auto™ And Apple CarPlay® Automatic Bluetooth® Pairing

After connecting to Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay® for the first time and undergoing the setup procedure, the smartphone pairs to the Uconnect system via Bluetooth® without any setup required every time it is within range, if Bluetooth® is turned on.


Apple CarPlay® uses a USB connection while Android Auto™ uses both USB and Bluetooth® connections to function. The connected device is unavailable to other devices when connected using Android Auto™ or Apple CarPlay®.

    Android Auto™ And Apple CarPlay® Tips And Tricks


    Multiple Devices Connecting To The Uconnect System — If Equipped

    It is possible to have multiple devices connected to the Uconnect system. For example, if using Android Auto™/Apple CarPlay®, the connected device will be used to place hands-free phone calls or send hands-free text messages...

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