Jeep Wrangler: VEHICLE MAINTENANCE / Accessory Drive Belt Inspection


  • Do not attempt to inspect an accessory drive belt with vehicle running.
  • When working near the radiator cooling fan, disconnect the fan motor lead. The fan is temperature controlled and can start at any time regardless of ignition mode. You could be injured by the moving fan blades.
  • You can be badly injured working on or around a motor vehicle. Only do service work for which you have the knowledge and the proper equipment. If you have any doubt about your ability to perform a service job, take your vehicle to a competent mechanic.

When inspecting accessory drive belts, small cracks that run across the ribbed surface of the belt, from rib to rib, are considered normal. These are not a reason to replace a belt. However, cracks running along a rib (not across) are not normal. Any belt with cracks running along a rib must be replaced. Also have the belt replaced if it has excessive wear, frayed cords, or severe glazing.

Jeep Wrangler. Accessory Drive Belt Inspection

Accessory Belt (Serpentine Belt)

Conditions that would require replacement:

  • Rib chunking (one or more ribs has separated from belt body)
  • Rib or belt wear
  • Longitudinal belt cracking (cracks between two ribs)
  • Belt slips
  • “Groove jumping" (belt does not maintain correct position on pulley)
  • Belt broken
  • Noise (objectionable squeal, squeak, or rumble is heard or felt while drive belt is in operation)


Identify and correct problem before new belt is installed.

Some conditions can be caused by a faulty component such as a belt pulley. Belt pulleys should be carefully inspected for damage and proper alignment.

Belt replacement on some models requires the use of special tools, we recommend having your vehicle serviced at an authorized dealer.

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