Jeep Wrangler: Automatic Transmission — If Equipped / Fluid Level Check

The fluid level is preset at the factory and does not require adjustment under normal operating conditions. Routine fluid level checks are not required; therefore the transmission has no dipstick. An authorized dealer can check your transmission fluid level using special service tools. If you notice fluid leakage or transmission malfunction, visit an authorized dealer immediately to have the transmission fluid level checked. Operating the vehicle with an improper fluid level can cause severe transmission damage.


If a transmission fluid leak occurs, visit an authorized dealer immediately. Severe transmission damage may occur. An authorized dealer has the proper tools to adjust the fluid level accurately.

    Special Additives

    FCA strongly recommends against using any special additives in the transmission. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is an engineered product and its performance may be impaired by supplemental additives...

    Fluid And Filter Changes

    Under normal operating conditions, the fluid installed at the factory will provide satisfactory lubrication for the life of the vehicle. Routine fluid and filter changes are not required...

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